05. - 08. Oktober 2017

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    Advertising Opportunities

    Advertising opportunities

    Perimeter advertising around the course affords an optimum media presence, since around 90% of the total TV broadcasting hours will be accompanied by images of the show-jumping events.

    Jump advertising

    There is the opportunity to have one of the jumps in the CI designed specifically to represent your business. It would then be integrated into the show-jumping course. Since the number of advertising jumps on the course is limited, a high level of exclusivity is guaranteed

    Flag advertising

    Advertising flags for your business can be positioned around the event venue grounds, thus directing the attention of visitors towards the involvement of your business right from the get-go.

    Chauffeuring service

    Sponsors from the automobile industry have the opportunity to set up an official chauffeuring service to transport competitors, officials and guests of honour. In addition, sponsors’ vehicles can be used as course vehicles, transporting the jumps.

    Vehicle presentation in the hall

    Sponsors from automobile companies also have the opportunity to position a vehicle in the arena.  This vehicle would be next to the course entrance and would be visible on TV for every ride.

    Course team members

    The helpers on the course can wear outfits featuring advertising print for sponsoring companies. This ensures an additional advertising effect, since these people will be visible during TV broadcasts from the course.

    Competition title

    A range of national and international show-jumping competitions are carried out within the context of the Baltic Horse Show. A test or event can be linked to your company name and would be presented as the “X company prize”.

    The following apply to the naming of an event:

    • The title of the test or competition will be printed in the programme booklet and in all the tournament’s printed materials
    • Loud speaker announcements before and during the named event
    • Prize-giving ceremony with a representative from your company presenting the prize
    • The winning horse will appear at the prize-giving ceremony wearing a blanket featuring your company’s logo
    • Distribution of a PR text

    Exhibition stand

    In the exhibition area of the Baltic Horse Show you will have a separate stall for the presentation/sale of your products.  You will also the have the option to hold autograph sessions with top international stars at your stall.

    Advertising in the tournament magazine

    You will have the opportunity to publish PR texts and advertising pages in our high-quality magazine at the Baltic Horse Show.  The magazine is published in an A4 four-colour format.

    Logo placement

    As a major sponsor of the Baltic Horse Show, your company logo will appear on all relevant printed materials, and a link to your company website will appear on the Baltic Horse Show website.