05. - 08. Oktober 2017

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    Via B404 / B4 from the south and east
    Drive along the Westring (ring road) towards the motorway and turn off onto Schützenwall towards the centre (Zentrum). Now drive straight on to Exerzierplatz. Turn right. Drive straight ahead to the Sparkassen Arena.

    Via BAB 215 from HH / RD direction
    When the motorway ends, simply continue straight on. This will automatically lead you onto Schützenwall and to Exerzierplatz. Turn right once you get there and drive straight on to the Sparkassen Arena.

    Via Olof-Palme-Damm from the north
    Take the Kroshagen Nord exit and turn left onto EckernförderStraße. Möllingstraße will bring you directly to Exerzierplatz. Now all you need to do is park.


    With Kiel’s parking guidance system you can make your way comfortably from the outskirts into the city centre, as electronic signs lead drivers to available parking spaces. The Sparkassen Arena (formerly known as the Ostseehalle) is integrated into this system.

    Car parks near the SparkassenArena:

    • Europaplatz
    • ZOB / Bahnhof
    • Sophienhof (Parkhouse)
    • KARSTADT Sophienblatt
    • Förde-Parkhaus
    • Schlossgarage

    Details of these and other parking facilities are available here.

    Please note:
    During the Baltic Horse Show, Exerzierplatz will not be available as a car park.

    Public transport links
    The Sparkassen Arena is right in the heart of Kiel and is just 5 – 7 minutes’ walk from the main train station. If you want to further reduce the amount of walking, almost all bus routes in the Kiel public transport system stop at either “Andreas-Gayk-Straße”, “Ziegelteich” or “Exerzierplatz”, all of which are just 1 – 2 minutes’ walk from the Sparkassen Arena.


    Europaplatz 1
    24103 Kiel